2012/13 Presidents Report

Our club is well and truly re-estabished at Kerrs Reach with the completion of our "Totalspan" clubhouse - our third in 152 years. However, our tenure there will depend both on the Council's goodwill and on future plans for that part of the city. So we are in a sense "temporarily ensconced".

Our club captain's report reflects a good season under extreme difficulties, but 

thanks to the dedication of our coaches, aided by hard work by some of our 

senior members, we are well on the way to a reborn and vibrant club once more.

We've come through some hard times but look forward with confidence to the 

future. As the oldest rowing club in the country, we're ready to roll again with a 

new clubhouse, new plant on order, new members and renewed vigour. Our 

affiliate schools are looking strong and are progressing well and we are hopeful 

that they will provide a healthy base for the future growth of the club.

Finally may I enjoin all our older members to support our younger brigade in the 

upcoming season - they deserve it.

Eddie Martin