2010/11 Presidents Report

Our 150th season has not been as successful as some, but under the circumstances currently prevailing in Christchurch, we are fortunate to have been able to accomplish anything in rowing terms.

This season would have to rate as the most trying on record, and I congratulate all club officers and members for their efforts. The earthquakes, rendered our club boatshed and facilities untenable. This in itself was a massive obstacle to be overcome with training being carried out at venues far and wide from our traditional venue of Kerr's Reach.

There have been untold problems, and delays in getting our insurers to agree to any action for the replacement of our clubrooms, until the disastrous fire put an end to any prospect of repairing the building. The fire in itself, may have been a in disguise, as at least it hurried the demolition and clearing of the site. We were indeed fortunate to not lose much plant in the fire, as our skiffs were being stored off site, though we did lose some coaching boats and other ancillary equipment. The end result could have been so much worse. Currently, our building has been demolished, and the site should be cleared by mid June. We are hopeful of getting building consents soon, for the erection of temporary steel framed boat sheds on the site in the near future. Getting answers to questions on the status of our building was inordinately difficult due to the hedging of the insurers, and the need for having to deal remotely through too many intermediaries. From the ashes, The C.R.C. shall, like the Phoenix, rise again.

Congratulations are due to the following members on achieving higher honours this season:-

NZ representatives:- Matthew Trott, Eve MacFarlane, Lucy Spoors, Anna Dawson (selected but subsequently withdrew) and Francie Turner

S.I. Under18 representatives:- Lucy Hutchinson, Tom Clyma, Eddie Palmer, Maddie Smith, and Francesca Hlavac

Thanks are due once again to:- Jim Sunderland, secretary, Nicholas Campbell, treasurer, Michael Petherick, club captain, Brian Neil for his untold work for our club, and of course, all members of the committee, coaches, and rowers for your sterling efforts during a very traumatic year. Well done.

Finally in celebrating our 150th season I would like to thank the CRC for according me the honour of being president of the oldest rowing club in New Zealand. As my term of office draws to a close, I wish OUR CLUB and all its members the very best for a successful 2012/2013 season.


Brian Aitchison  Club President:  2008-Present